How Bring It Up without Throwing Up ­– “Learn to Bring up the Gospel Smoothly” [Greg Stier]
The Lion’s Den –
“Equipping you to respond to some of the most common notions made towards Christianity from a Godly perspective.” [Spencer Hobbs]
Be About It – “How to Move from Talking about Sharing your Faith to Actually Doing It” [Brian Baldwin]
Campus Outreach –
“Reaching Your School” [Nathan Brumley]
Inviting with Excellence –“How to be intentional in inviting your friends to…..”  [Jeff DeGiacomo]
Leveraging Talent – “How to Use and Develop your Talents as Gospel Platforms” [Cody Dunbar/Clear Vision]
Confidence – “How to Overcome Fear and Share the Gospel with Confidence” [Chris Gulley]
Brilliant! – “Discovering the potential you may never even knew you had.” [Andy Harrison]
What Now?? – “How to be Ready to Share the Gospel on a Short Term Mission Trip” [Mike Lehew]
Conversational Evangelism – “How to Share the Gospel through Natural Conversations” [Cris Lowery]
Group Evangelism
– “Seeing Your Small Group as a Team for Gospel Outreach” [Bob Mayfield]
Salvation 101 –
“Before you lead your friends to Jesus, know what it really means to follow Jesus.” [Matt McClure]
The Gospel and Children – “Learn how to share the Gospel with kids effectively and responsibly” [Nick Atyia]
Evangelism Endurance – “How to Keep your Passion to Share your Faith” [Jamie Phares]
Disciple Me! – “
Advancing the Kingdom. Making disciples.” [Todd Sanders]
Social Media Outreach – “The Good News Of Likes Followers Tweets & Streaks- making use of Social in service to the Gospel” [Zac Workun]
*Evangelism Encounter – “A Role Playing Experience to Start/Strengthen your Gospel Plan” [Brian Baldwin]
*Youth Leader Training – “How to Take Your Youth Ministry to Maximum Velocity” [Greg Stier]


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