YEC 2020 Breakouts (Please check back soon for a list of Breakouts for YEC 2021!)

Answering Hard Questions – How to answer common objections to Christianity.

Be About It – How to move from talking about sharing your faith to actually doing it.

Campus Outreach – Understanding the greatest teen mission opportunity and reaching your school with the Gospel.

Confidence – How to overcome fear and share the Gospel with confidence.

Conversational Evangelism – How to bring it up and share the Gospel through natural conversations.

Culturally Christian – How to share the Gospel with those who claim to be Christian, but probably aren’t.

Disciple Me! – Advancing the Kingdom. Making disciples.

Evangelism Encounter – A role playing experience to start and strengthen your Gospel plan.

Group Evangelism – Seeing your small group as a team for Gospel outreach.

Influencer – How to move from being influenced to being an influencer for the Gospel in a post Christian culture.

Inviting with Excellence – How to be intentional and effective in inviting your friends to….

Leveraging Talent – How to use and develop your talents as Gospel platforms.

Evangelism & LGBTQ Issues – How to biblically navigate the LGBTQ issue when it’s brought up in your Gospel conversation.

Lifestyle for Outreach – Understanding the clear call to live a life reflective of the Gospel.

Mission Trip Prep – How to be ready to share the Gospel on a short term mission trip.

Rejected – Learning about the worst that can happen, and how to reach people that don’t want to hear the Gospel.

Social Media Outreach – How to use technology and social media in outreach.

Sports Outreach – Learning to use sports as a platform for the Gospel whether you play or not.

Techniques – Learn various styles of sharing the Gospel that fits your personality

Youth Leader Training – Making your weekly youth meetings more Gospel advancing.

Out-Reach is In-Reach – Come play some games with us and take something back to your ministry to be a new tool of outreach for your community.

Point of Decision – A how to in decision counseling.

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