ANSWERING HARD QUESTIONS – “How to answer common objections to Christianity” [Spencer Hobbs]

GOSPEL CONVERSATIONS – “How to bring it up without throwing up” [Zane Black]

YOUTH LEADER TRAINING – “How to develop a Gospel advancing ministry strategy” [Zane Black]

INVITING WITH EXCELLENCE – “How to be successful in getting your friends to church/events” [Nick Howk]

MISSION TRIP PREP – “How to be ready to share the Gospel on a short term mission trip ” [Mike Lehew]

CONFIDENCE “How to overcome fear and share the Gospel with confidence” [Brian Baldwin]

CAMPUS OUTREACH– “How to effectively reach your campus with the Gospel” [Cris Lowery]

SAY WHAAAAAT? – “Knowing what you believe as a follower of Jesus” [Todd Sanders]

TECHNIQUES – “Learn various styles of sharing the Gospel that fits your personality” [Mike Napier]

SWORD PLAY – “Learning to effectively use the scripture to share the Gospel” [Andy Harrison]

EVANGELISM ENCOUNTER – “A role playing experience to start/strengthen your Gospel plan” [Andy Harrison]

LIFESTYLE FOR OUTREACH – “Understanding the clear call to live a life reflective of the Gospel” [Matt McClure]

EVANGELISM ENDURANCE – “How to stay passionate about sharing your faith” [Jamie Phares]

SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH – “How to use technology and social media in outreach” [Will Wilson]

LEVERAGING TALENT – “How to use and develop your talents as Gospel platforms” [#1 Nick Thurmond, #2 Clear Vision, #3 Real Encounter]



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