Resources to encourage your students to participate in YEC!

Download the Free YEC Promo Pack below to access posters, logos, letters and more. We hope these resources will help you get the word out and encourage your students to join you at YEC this year!

*The promo pack below is from YEC 2020. It will give you a good idea of the items we provide. Please check back soon for the YEC 2021 promo pack! 

Promo Pack

Inside: Letterhead, Logos, Posters, Social Media Graphics, Bulliten Insert, and HD Presentation Slide Backgrounds.

5 ideas to encourage your students to come to YEC

  1. Play YEC promo videos during announcement times at your church.
  2. Put YEC posters around your churches student ministry area.
  3. Post YEC social media images and videos and ask your students and leaders to do the same.
  4. Mail custom letters to students and their parents encouraging them to be a part.
  5. Include the YEC bulletin insert in your Sunday announcement handout.

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