Brian Baldwin

Apologetics is not apologizing for what you believe - it's actually being able to give a defense for what you believe.

Where are you going? Exploring a Call to Ministry

Todd Sanders

When we feel the Lord calling us, how do we move forward with boldness and confidence?

Good News

Brian Baldwin

Jesus commanded us to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, but what does that look like?

Leading Even Now: 7 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Todd Sanders

In these days, devotion and perserverance, and honesty are just a few ways that Joseph sets an example for those in positions of leadership.

Postures of Worship: A Spiritual examination of the heart

Cody Dunbar

Join the discussion about how our posture uniquely engages us in worship of our Creator.

Studying Your Bible

Andy Harrison

Are you intimidated to study your Bible, or don't know where to start? Learn the SEEKER method of studying God's Word.

New Believers

Jake Anson

So, you just go saved! What should you do first?

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