// the quality of being clear and easy to understand, see, or hear:

ISAIAH 42:7 says… “You will open the eyes of the blind, you will free the captives from prison.”

At YEC students will learn how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in sharing the light of the Gospel to the lost world around us with CLARITY and confidence! Does your group need GOSPEL URGENCY? At YEC we’ll INSPIRE them to understand WHY it’s important to share the Gospel! Does your group need GOSPEL FLUENCY? We’ll give them the information they need to have CLARITY of what the Gospel actually is! Does your group need GOSPEL STRATEGY? At YEC they will learn how to APPLY what they know about the Gospel and skillfully engage in Gospel conversations! Does your group need GOSPEL MOBILIZATION? We’ll help them ACTIVATE all they’ve learned about evangelism and actually DO IT NOW! By the end of the conference church groups will leave with a CLEAR action plan with measurable goals in how they will advance the Gospel in their community. We cannot wait for YEC, and hope you’ll be there!


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