Breakout Topics

Breakout Topics


This breakout is designed for students interested in knowing more or exploring a call to pastoral ministry.


This breakout will help students understand the basics of ministry to children and factors to consider in helping them determine their place in this vital ministry area.


Ministry to students is important work at a critical stage in the life of a teenager. This breakout will help students know about the main reasons for and principles of ministry to youth age students.


Ministry in and to the church can take on many creative expressions. This breakout will look into ministry through musical worship and help students consider ministry thru other creative arts.

Girls & Ministry

What does ministry as a girl look like?

This breakout will help girls understand their place in the “Universal set” of ministry.


What does it look like to surrender to the call of missions ministry? How can you be obedient to that call as the Lord reveals what His plan looks like in ones life.

Leading Those Called

How to effectively lead and disciple those who are called into ministry. This breakout is for parents and youth leaders.

Called to Obedience – (New Believer’s Track)

Ministry stems from the life of obedient believers. These back to back breakouts dig into the basics of an obedient life in Christ. This is a general spiritual growth track for any student who feels called to vocational ministry or not.

Evangelism in Ministry

This breakout explores the importance of evangelism in all ministry. If we are not spreading the Gospel, we are not fulfilling the purpose for which God has placed us here

Slash/Pursuing a Call that Looks Different 

Ministry is not always limited to traditional church settings. This breakout will challenge students to consider ministry outside the box as they pursue the calling of God on their lives.



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