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It’s about one simple thing—STUDENTS in PRAYER.

TWO opportunities to unite in prayer with your friends:

  • DAY: Wed, September 22, 7am local time. Around the globe students meet at flagpoles to pray for their schools.
  • WEEK: The Global Week of Student Prayer, September 19 – September 25. Public, private, or home school students, pray in unique ways, places and times all week. Some will launch on-campus Bible clubs.

Hosting a Rally

We want to partner with you to help create a great SYTAP event! Each Association may request funds using the form below. If you are a church wanting funds, you will need to talk to your Association Director of Missions (DOM).

Available Funds: Each Association may request $500.00 for an evangelistic event connected to SYATP. Requests must be completed and submitted by Associational DOMs. They will then distribute funds to Rallies.


– The event needs to be connected with the SYATP emphasis in the association.
– The Gospel needs to be presented as well as an opportunity for students to respond.
– Counselors need to be available for students to talk with them about their decision.
– Counselors can be youth pastors, youth workers, pastors etc.
– Funds need to be used for platform personalities and/or facility rental.

Associational Requirements:

The Rally fund request form must be submitted by your DOM by September 13th.
A follow-up report will need to be completed and returned to the Student Evangelism Office by October 4th.
DOMs should return the request form to the Student Evangelism Office by e-mail at or fax to 405-516-4926.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 405-942-3000 x 4304.

Click the links below to download the Request form and Report form. Please do not forget to send in your report form after the event!

SYATP Rally Fund Request Form
SYATP Rally Fund Report Form

Other Information:

Funds will be sent to your association and available prior to the event.
Counseling materials are available upon request for you to use during the decision time. There is also a printable Spiritual Commitment Guide available below.
The Pursuit resource is available for download on the website through this link: These materials would be a great benefit for new believers. They include four weeks of quiet time materials, a four week mentoring guide, an explanation about baptism and other helpful materials.

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