Special Requirements

There will be somewhere around 100-115 churches present on your week of camp. Please understand, we strive to meet the needs of all those churches by staying true to our calling and purpose. We are a camp that desires to win the lost and equip the saved for faithfulness and service. As such, we ask our camp pastors to preach the gospel and extend an invitation for the lost to be saved. Our worship bands are tasked with leading us in corporate worship through music and singing; and our Oklahoma Baptists youth ministry team teaches in a morning equipping time.

I would ask that you not take offense at any of the following bulleted requests. We just live in a day and age where crazy stuff happens if expectations are listed too generally.

The following are from the “Just In Case” department:

  • I ask that our stage personalities not where hats on stage as they preach or lead worship n the evenings. This is NOT a condemnation of hats, but as mentioned earlier, with 100-115 churches present, there exists a variety of values among leadership represented on grounds. This is an easy way to avoid any offense.
  • Don’t say or do stupid stuff. This is just a reminder to obey the camp rules and to run any illustrations, songs, or creative service elements you may be unsure of by the Falls Creek Program Director (Todd Sanders) for approval.
  • If you have books, t-shirts or other items for sale, please know I will give you ample opportunity during our evening pre-session time to promote your merchandise. I ask that you not use the worship time or the sermon as a time to direct people to the items you have available for purchase.



  • Please plan your Monday night around songs that are generally well known to most groups. That is, begin teaching any new songs on Tuesday morning, and not Monday night. This has proven to be a great way for campers to quickly connect with the worship leaders for the week.

If you have any questions about any of the requests mentioned, you can call or message me (Todd) at 405-657-8094 or tsanders@oklahomabaptists.org. I would love to talk to you about them!