Special Creative Worship Considerations

We are excited about you leading with us this summer. In advance of your being here, and as you prepare, we need you to be aware of some special things that will happen around the evening worship times this summer.

We will work in a different call to worship involving scripture and prayer each evening. Certain groups attending for the week will lead that time each night at the very end of pre-session just before the service officially begins. Students from chosen groups will read the scripture, and their youth minister will pray. Reading and prayer will have a pre-recorded pad playing underneath. The pad will be chosen nightly based on the key of your first song of the set, which immediately follows the prayer.

Something that will practically affect you on Thursday night is the use of a stage that will be in the back of the front center section of the audience. After starting the night on the main platform for the offering set up, you will relocate and lead an acoustic set in the round. The call to worship will take place right after the offering. We will, in effect have two service openings on that night. We will be getting more detailed service schedules to you as camp approaches. You may start thinking about how an acoustic set would look for your band and meet the specific strengths of your players.


Thursday Night Worship schedule will look something like this:

* PreSession activities


* Song 1 (Main Stage/Full Band)

*Offering Introduction & Prayer

*Offering Video(s) (10-12 mins.)

*Call to Worship/Scripture Reading/Prayer (Main Stage) (Pad Provided in your Key)

*Acoustic Worship Set (Crowd Stage/20-22 min)


*Invitation Set (Main Stage/Full Band)