The Pursuit



There are some things in life that are scary when faced alone. Our sin can be
the scariest. As you walk through this study, you are getting further away from
the moment when you accepted Christ as your Savior and more into your new life.
Your new life probably seems more normal by the day. In fact, you may even begin
to think, I’ve got this Christian thing down pretty good. I’m strong enough not
to go back to my old life. Or maybe you’ve already fallen back into an old
habit. Truth is, if you keep going it alone, then you’re going to go right back
to your old life.

Remember last week when we talked about telling others when we struggle with
sin? Well that was because the Christian life was never meant to be a solo
mission. In fact, over and over again scripture mentions that we need each
other. Want an example? Open your Bible to Hebrews 3:12-14. Read that passage a
couple of times.

Notice the way the writer of Hebrews uses the word “we.” It’s “our” faith.
Something we hold on to together. Even more, the writer tells us to encourage
one another. Want to guess why? Because, living for Jesus in our world is tough.
Few people believe in Christ as their Savior, and even fewer are committed to
follow Him. All around us, people are trying to pull us into our old patterns.
I’m sure that at least one person who knew you “before Christ” has asked why you
don’t come back with them to the old crowd and do the old things anymore. The
temptation to go back to old things is not wrong, but giving in to the
temptation is wrong. We need someone to encourage us to do the right things,
especially when someone is pushing us to do the wrong things.

The writer of Hebrews is telling us to hold one another accountable. In other
words, you need someone in your life that has permission to ask how your
relationship with Jesus is going. That someone needs to be able to ask if you
are falling back into old sins or losing the battle with new temptations. Even
more, you need someone to encourage you to stay with Christ. And you need
someone to share the victories you are seeing in your life. In short, we need
each other.

What are some questions a person keeping us accountable should ask? Here are
a few suggestions:

            1. How often are you praying?
            2. Are you reading the Bible regularly? Are you thinking about a particular verse (memorizing it)?
            3. How are you doing leaving behind your old life? What sins are you struggling with?
            4. Where are you serving God at church? At home? At work? In the community?
          5. Where are you seeing yourself becoming more like Jesus?

You might show these questions to your mentor this week and answer them for
your mentor. Make it a habit to answer them every week.

Today, take a few minutes to thank God for the people who have encouraged you
in your walk with Christ. Write down three people who might hold you accountable
for going to church and continuing to follow Christ in your daily life. It needs
to be someone who has been following Christ longer than you, maybe a pastor,
Bible study teacher, or a friend that has been a Christian for a while. Today,
you need to talk to at least one of those people about holding you accountable.
(By the way, what verse are we memorizing this week? John 3:16!)