The Pursuit



Let me ask you a question. How did you find out about Jesus? Think about that
for a minute. Someone started you on this journey by telling you about Him. As
Christians, we are called to tell other people about Jesus and what He has done
for us. Believe it or not, that’s in the Bible. Take a look at Matthew 28:18-20.

Jesus told His disciples to tell other people about Him. They were to teach
other people who believed in Jesus to live like Jesus lived. By the way, those
followers now include you and that means you get to tell other people about
Jesus, too.

I’ll give you an easy way to begin telling other people about Christ, get
baptized. What’s that, you ask? Baptism is a ceremony where you are immersed in
water. It is a symbol of the end of your old life without Christ, and the
beginning of your new life with Christ. It is a public demonstration on the
outside of you to show everyone what happened to the inside of you, (Jesus made
you clean on the inside). Here’s the challenge, tell your pastor you want to be
baptized. I guarantee he will be thrilled. Then, invite your friends and family
to watch your baptism. Trust me, if they don’t know Jesus they will ask you all
about Him. (If you want to see a baptism and know more about it, watch the video
on this CD.)

What do you tell them when they ask? Tell them what happened to you. Tell
them why you accepted Jesus. Then show them that verse we’ve been memorizing,
remember, John 3:16. Tell them that verse
means that Jesus isn’t just for you; Jesus is for everyone. If they have
questions you can’t answer, be honest and say you don’t know. Maybe even invite
them to ask your pastor or the person helping hold you accountable.

Take a few minutes to thank God that someone shared Jesus with you. Now ask
God to show you a friend to share Jesus with them. Write that friend’s name down
in the front cover of your Bible. Pray for them every day. Ask God to give you a
chance to talk to them about Jesus.