The Pursuit

Week Two Bible Studies


Ryan back here with you again. Was it a good weekend? Hopefully, you were
able to get together with other believers at church and take some time to
worship and talk about God with other people.
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Have you ever known someone who was deaf or blind? It’s very frustrating not
to be able to do something with your body that everyone else can do. If you stop
and think for a moment you can probably remember a time when you wanted to do
something but your body would not cooperate.
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When I was six I met my first best friend. His name was also Ryan. We were in
the same first grade class. We both loved Hot Wheels, Star Wars, and the Dukes
of Hazard. Those are the building blocks of great friendship, right?
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There are some things in life that are scary when faced alone. Our sin can be
the scariest. As you walk through this study, you are getting further away from
the moment when you accepted Christ as your Savior and more into your new life.
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Let me ask you a question. How did you find out about Jesus? Think about that
for a minute. Someone started you on this journey by telling you about Him.
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Saturday & Sunday

During the weekend take some time to meditate on (think about) scripture.
Write down what God taught you this week.
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