The Pursuit


How to ‘Raise’ Your Parents

While growing up, the guy who taught me about Jesus was the only Christian in
his family. His parents ridiculed his faith, grounded him from church, and
generally made him miserable because he had chosen to follow Jesus. Today, you
may be the one in that same place. Many students today are the only believer in
their family.

It can be really tough to be a Christian in a family that does not know
Jesus. Do you want to know how my friend survived? Read Ephesians 6:1-3.

Now you may say, “Obey? Honor? How do I do that when they don’t even know
God!?!” It isn’t easy. Being a child who believes in Christ in a family of
unbelievers is tough. Your parents are watching your every move. They want to
see if you will live what you say you believe or if this is just a “fad.” They
want to know if you are authentic. It’s going to be tough sometimes, but God’s
commands do not change, no matter our circumstances.

So, how did my friend survive? He took their criticism in silence. He prayed
for his parents every day and was a servant to them. He tried to be the best son
he could be. He obeyed his parents and submitted to their punishments whether he
agreed or not. By the way, it was tough.

You may be the main person helping your family understand Jesus. God may have
saved you to reach your parents. Trust God, He loves your parents more than you
do. He will not put you in a situation you cannot endure. Here are some
suggestions for ministering to moms and dads who do not know Jesus.

1. Pray for them.
2. Serve them. Do something for them without them having to ask. Help with a
chore that they hate to, do but always get stuck with dong like the dishes,
taking out the trash or mowing the grass.
3. Obey them without arguing. Make a point to be quick to obey. Nothing will
make a quicker show of what Jesus has done for you than to go from disobeying
and fighting to obeying and smiling.
4. Tell them why you love them and thank them for being a good parent.
5. Invite over new friends who are Christians.
6. Ask your mentor to pray for your parents and invite him/her to visit you
and your family at your house.
7. Invite your parents to your baptism.

If your parents are Christians, then you still must live out your faith in
front of them. Seek to honor and serve them as well. Talk to them about what God
is teaching you. Pray for them and with them. In fact, one of the most powerful
things in your life can be leading your family to study the Bible together and
to do ministry together. Today, suggest that to your parents. Even offer to help
lead a family devotional using what you are learning from this guide. Find a
ministry you can participate in as a family; work at a soup kitchen, mow a
neighbor’s yard or baby sit for a family that has a serious medical need.

Take some time today to pray for your parents. Thank God that He chose to
give you the parents you have.

By the way – Keep memorizing 2 Corinthians 5:17 – You can do it!