The Pursuit

Week Three Bible Studies


How are you doing on breaking your old habits? That old way of life may be
catching up with you right now. That happens to all of us. Stop and think for a
minute about how many years you lived life the old way.
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Has it been tough to explain to your old friends exactly why you are so
different? I bet there have been some interesting conversations going on the
past few weeks. Everyone wants to know what makes you act so different.
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Want to get a peek at the first verses I ever memorized? I am not perfect
remembering every verse, but these verses from the Bible really stuck with me.
Open your Bible and read 1 Timothy 1:12-17
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While growing up, the guy who taught me about Jesus was the only Christian in
his family. His parents ridiculed his faith, grounded him from church, and
generally made him miserable because he had chosen to follow Jesus.
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Living the Christian life is a struggle sometimes. We can still get bogged
down in sin. We still act like the “old us” sometimes. Some days we do or say
something dumb and the guilt follows us around for days or weeks.
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Saturday & Sunday

During the weekend take some time to meditate on scripture. Write down what
God taught you this week.
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