The Pursuit



Take a few minutes to think about traveling. Have you ever been on a
“destination unknown” trip, one of those hop in the car, drive in any direction
until you get somewhere kind of trips? Life can be this way. We get to a point
where we are not sure where we’re going to end up. That is scary. You’ve been a
Christ follower for a few days now. It is time to talk about the destination
where this life ends and the next life begins.

Because you know Christ, you have a new destination for your life.
Open your Bible to Matthew 7:13-14. Read those verses at least twice.

Now the narrow gate is where you are. You took that road when you met Jesus
and asked Him into your life. Going down that road means your future is secure.
When this life ends, you will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus.

You used to be on the wide road. The one Jesus says leads to destruction.
That place is called hell. People who refuse to accept Christ end up there after
they die. What is it like? The Bible describes it as a place of pain and sadness
where people are eternally separated from God. Not a place, you’d really want to
go. Amazing, isn’t it? That one decision, to ask Christ into your life, has
eternal, life changing consequences.

Go back and read Matthew 7:13-14
one more time. Then take some time and thank God for leading you to the narrow
gate. Thank Him for saving you from an eternity in hell. Express your
gratefulness to Him for your new life (salvation).