The Pursuit

Week One Study Guides


Let’s talk about this new you. Why are you new? I want to show you a place in
the Bible that says so. Get your Bible and find the book of 2 Corinthians or
click the link below. It’s in the New Testament. Go to Chapter 5 verses 17-19.
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We generally don’t like to talk about death. Death is usually a topic
reserved for quiet talk surrounding a coffin, or in moments of great fear, when
death seems close and you can’t avoid it. Sometimes death is a conversation
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Take a few minutes to think about traveling. Have you ever been on a
“destination unknown” trip, one of those hop in the car, drive in any direction
until you get somewhere kind of trips? Life can be this way.
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You may not remember the old Nintendo Entertainment System, but I grew up
playing Super Mario and Metal Gear (before it was Solid) on that old gray box.
The best part about the NES was the little button to the right of the power
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It’s Friday! The end of a week and the end of the beginning of your journey
of knowing Jesus better. How do you feel? You should know that what you have
been reading, thinking, and praying about over the past week is beginning to
shape you into something more like Jesus.
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Saturday & Sunday

During the weekend take some time to meditate on (think about) scripture.
Write down what God taught you this week.
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