The Pursuit


Disciple, pt 2

Go back to Matthew 28:18-20. We need to look at one more thing.

The word “nations” is an interesting word. Today, we think of nations like
England, Brazil, and Uganda. This passage is not referring to making Jesus known
in governments, but to people groups. People groups are defined by their
culture, language, and traditions. There are multitudes of people groups across
the earth. Sometimes there are several people groups in one nation. We are told
by Jesus to tell them about Him and help them know how to follow Him.

God is calling each of us to do our part in reaching people groups across the
world. Believe it or not, there are millions of people across the world who do
not know about Jesus and His sacrifice. They need to know so they can understand
what you have learned, God loves them and has a better plan for their life.

What can you do? First, you can pray. Ask God to make Himself known among the
peoples of the world. Second, you can support world missions. Ask someone at
your church about what your church is doing to tell the world about Jesus.
Third, you can go. God is calling people to go all over the world for short-term
trips and sometimes a lifetime of service. Be open. You never know what God
might call you to do.

We do know one thing; going to the nations is not an option. It is a command,
the last command of Jesus to His people. In fulfilling this command, we are
faithful disciples of Jesus. Now take up your cross, and walk with Him.  Luke 9:23.

(By the way, remember there’s a guy out there named Ryan who is praying for you!)