The Pursuit

Week Four Bible Studies


Do you like presents? You know what I mean…the surprises that you don’t
expect that fulfill your hopes, dreams and leave you breathless!
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The thought may be going through your mind, “What do I do now?” I’ve given my
life to Jesus. I’m going to heaven. So, what’s next? Do I just sit around
waiting to die? Far from it! In fact, the real journey has just begun.
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We talked yesterday about following God’s direction. That is an exciting
prospect, but it leaves an important question. What do we do when God seems
silent? It is going to happen.
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For the next two days, we are going to look at the same passage of scripture,
Matthew 28:18-20. These are the last directions Jesus gave to the church before He went to heaven. Read them.
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The word “nations” is an interesting word. Today, we think of nations like
England, Brazil, and Uganda. This passage is not referring to making Jesus known
in governments, but to people groups.
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Saturday & Sunday

During the weekend take some time to meditate on scripture. Write down what
God taught you this week.
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