Service Times

During your week at Falls Creek, you will lead worship nine times:

  •  Four times in our morning worship service, Tues through Fri, 10:30-11:00am (approx 3-4 songs)
  •  Five evening worship services, Mon through Fri nights, 7:30 nightly (approx 25-30 minutes)


We would also like you to lead a Worship Leader breakout with students in the Tabernacle, Main Room on Thursday afternoon, 3:00-4:00pm. (More info on the breakout is coming soon!)




1:00-4:00pm    Registration (north tabernacle entrance)
Dinner             (Production meeting #1)
6:30pm            Seat Reservations (south tabernacle entrance)
6:45pm            Invitation Training (chapel exterior doors open at 6:15pm)
6:55pm            Tabernacle Doors Open
7:00pm            Pre-Session Entertainment/Camp Orientation
7:30pm            Evening Worship Service (Production meeting #2 follows the service)
10:15pm          Cabin Wrap-Up/Evening Cabin Devotional
11:45pm          Inside Cabins

Morning Schedule:
(Tuesday – Friday)

8:30/40am        Quiet Time
9:00am             In-Cabin Bible Study
10:15am           Staff/Sponsor Daily Update (chapel/ doors open at 10:00am)
10:20am           Doors Open for Morning Worship Service (All campers, same seats as the night before)
10:30am           Morning Worship Service
10:55am           Dismiss to teaching times
11:05am           Morning teaching time
Lunch               (Production meeting #3 Wednesday at Lunch)
1:30pm             Recreation, Missions, & Activities
4:30pm            Seat Reservations (south tabernacle entrance)
6:30pm            Invitation Training (chapel exterior doors open at 6:15pm)
6:45pm            Sponsor Seating (south tabernacle entrance)
6:55pm           Tabernacle Doors Open
7:30pm            Evening Worship Service
10:15pm          Evening Cabin Devotional
11:45pm          Inside Cabins