Oklahoma Baptists Youth Ministry Network exists to give youth ministers the opportunity to network with each other, to sharpen their skills, and to fellowship with their fellow laborers in youth ministry. If you are a youth minister or a lay youth leader in the state of Oklahoma, you are eligible and encouraged to attend our regular meetings. OKYM Network has three quarterly half-day meetings and a fourth meeting that is our two day Oklahoma Youth Ministry Forum event.

Most meetings include: 

• Roundtable Discussion
• Youth Ministry helps or ideas
• Practical Youth Ministry training
• Fellowship and collaboration

2021 Meeting Dates

January 21, University of Oklahoma BCM
September 9,​ Lawton, FIrst

November 19-20, Forum

September 9, 2021 Meeting

Join us at our next OKYM Network Meeting in September!

Location: Lawton, First
Speaker: Greg Stier
Topic: Turning Teenagers into Teen Leaders

$5 lunch optional
Chick-fil-a boxed lunch
Includes: sandwich // chips // cookie