Having GOOD NEWS Conversations

Have you ever wondered how to start a conversation with someone about faith and the Gospel?

Here are some helpful tips in having conversations that point people to the GOOD NEWS of Jesus!


Go to God in prayer


OPEN up a conversation


OBSERVE and admire what they believe


DESCRIBE what you believe


NOTE your testimony


EXAMINE if that’s happened to them


WELCOME them to trust in Jesus


SHOW them what to do next


to God in prayer

Ask God to be involved and give you opportunities to show and share the Gospel.

  • Pray for 3 people with laser like focus
  • Pray through your year book
  • Prayer walk your school campus
  • Pray specifically for lost people with other – believers at church, school, etc.

James 5:16b


up a conversation

Talk about L.I.F.E.Location: From? Going? – Interests: Sports? Music? Movies? – Favorite things to do? – Family: Brothers/Sisters? Older/Younger? – Parents? Close? – Education: Always gone to this school? – College plans? Favorite teacher? *Look for ways for your natural conversation to lead to a spiritual one. Ex: After talking about their interests, you can talk about your interest in church/youth group, and then ask if they attend any church regularly. *Don’t assume that if they do, they are automatically a christian.

Proverbs 20:5


and admire what they believe

Inquire their thoughts on spiritual things. Go to church? Have any spiritual beliefs? Where did everything come from? What happens to us after we die? Do you believe in a Heaven/Hell? Do you think God would consider you to be a good person? Who do you say Jesus is? Admire all you can about their beliefs. Build a bridge with them, not a wall.

  • Atheist: Appreciation for science and logic.
  • Mormon: Hardworking, nice, family values.M
  • Muslim: Committed to prayer, devout life.
  • Religious: Goes to church, reads the Bible, good person.
  • Jehovah’s Witness: One God, dedication to evangelism.
  • New Ager: Desire for a better world, good person.

Proverbs 15:1


what you believe

ONE GREAT GOD: Describe some of His attributes: Creator, Loving, …And most of all that he is Holy. ONE GREAT PROBLEM: Sin (10 Commandments, Rom 3:23) Good deeds won’t justify anyone. (Isa 64:6) Because God is good/holy He will punish sin. (Rom 6:23, Hell) ONE GREAT HOPE: Even though we broke God’s law, Jesus paid our penalty. (John 3:16) He proved all he said was true by raising from the dead which gives us assurance of life after the grave (1 Cor 6:14) and an abundant life on earth! ONE GREAT DECISION: We must decide to put our trust in Jesus and rely on what He did on the cross to pay for our sin so we can come to God and go to Heaven. Or we can reject him and pay for our own sins in Hell.

Romans 5:8


your testimony

Briefly tell your story of when you accepted Christ.

  • Before you were saved
  • When you were saved
  • After you were saved

*Keep it short (less than 2 minutes) *and focused on Jesus

1 John 1:3


if that’s happened to them

After you share your testimony, ask if anything like that has happened to them. Listen to what they are putting their trust in. Is it in the Savior or in being a “good person” or being “religious”?

Acts 4:12


them to trust in Jesus

You’ve explained the Gospel. Now what? Ask 2 questions:

  1. Does that make sense?
  2. Is there anything holding you back from trusting Jesus right now?

Romans 10:13


them what to do next

Ask them to pray or lead them in a prayer of thanksgiving based on your Gospel conversation. Dear God / I know I’m a sinner / I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins / and rose from the dead / I trust in Him alone to be forgiven and get to Heaven / Thank you for saving me / Help me to live for you / Amen. Explain the importance of:

  • Baptism
  • Church
  • Bible
  • Prayer
  • Evangelism

2 Peter 3:18