Girls Ministry Done Well (Ladies) / Angela Sanders
Make It Matter: Preaching & Teaching Students with Excellence (Group Leaders & Volunteers) / Friday – Jake Rassmussen/Saturday – Andy Blanks
Keeping the Youth in Youth Ministry (Leaders) / Mitch Boles
From Confusion to Clarity: Gender Issues / Ryan Smith
Sticky Faith: The Importance of Intergenerational Ministry (Leaders) / Merrie Johnson
Teaching with Excellence: Excellent Teaching & Preaching to Students / Andy Blanks
Help! I’m a Small Group Leader: Excellent Connection in Small Groups / Jake Rasmussen
Help! I’m a Small Group Leader: Making Disciples in Small Groups / Steve Hall
On Watch: Mental Health of Students / Tricia Robertson
Ministry Wives: Overcoming the Weariness of Ministry Life / Jamie Duncan
Ninjas and Unicorns: Handling volunteers with excellence / Scott Kindig
Understanding the Times: Getting a Lock on Generation Z (Leaders) / Billy Young
Soul Care: Setting Firm Spiritual Foundations / Aaron Fullbright


Area network meetup, late night fun & games, lead youth minister CoHorts that fit your context, & more.

We will also have a LPC on hand for any individual or couple needing a listening ear. Email for pre-event sign up.

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