The purpose of the Forum (Oklahoma Youth Ministry Forum) is to provide training, encouragement, and challenge for Oklahoma Youth Ministers and Leaders. A new day is on the horizon with this year’s Forum! This year marks the beginning of a new partnership between Oklahoma Baptists Youth Ministry, Oklahoma Baptist University, and Super Summer Oklahoma to provide quality equipping and authentic connection with like-minded youth ministry folks. This partnership will make Forum even better! We hope you will join us in November

What FORUM provides:


Challenge: We gather to receive encouragement for life and ministry through corporate worship and the teaching of the word of God.



Community: We assemble as the church, God’s family, to pray, support, and equip.



Conversation: We engage to receive practical helps for ministry.



Collaboration: We exchange ideas in order to sharpen one another in the assignment before us. We are each other’s best resource.

Anyone serving in youth ministry in the local church! Forum provides general session and topical breakouts for full-time, bi-vocational, or volunteer youth ministers, youth ministers’ spouses, volunteer workers/interns, or youth worker teams.



November 19 – 20, 2021


Registration Cost

(August 18 – November 18)

$60/attendee (Full Time or Part Time lead Youth Pastor/paid Youth Staffer)

$30/Spouse or Youth Volunteer

+$25 optional Friday night meal, bonus breakout & general session.


Friday Night Bonus Breakout

Topic: Gender Confusion & Biblical Sexuality

Main Speaker



Friday Evening

5:00 pm               Doors Open // Registration

5:30 pm               Dinner

6 pm                    Bonus Breakout

7:30 pm               Main Session 1

9:00 pm               Late night options available



8 am                    Doors Open // Registration

9 am                    Main Session 2

10:15 am             Break

10:30 am             Breakout 1

11:15 am             Break

11:30 am             Breakout 2

12:15 pm             Lunch

1:15 pm               Break

1:30 pm               Breakout 3

2:15 pm               Break

2:30 pm               Main Session 3

3:45-4 pm            Dismiss




Extinguishing the Burn: Learning to Avoid Burnout in Ministry
Scott Hume
Learning to avoid burnout in ministry.


Leading Students through Anxiety and Depression
Tricia Robertson
Anxiety and Depression are unfortunately on the rise. Action steps for interventions and discussion of parental involvement.


Networking: Find Encouragement through Authentic Relationships for Health and Spiritual Support
AJ Gonzalez
The physical, mental, and spiritual health of a pastor (or ministry leader) is extremely important and yet often neglected. There are many resources that can help in these areas but a vital resource is finding a community (network) who understands exactly what you’re going through and can provide support, encouragement, resources, and prayer for you as you do ministry.


Busy Isn’t Working: Helpful Habits for Healthy Ministers
Zac Workun
It’s really easy to stay busy in ministry. There is a never ending supply of things that could be done. So how do you manage the demands on your time with the reality of living a healthy, whole, and holy life? In this session we are going to talk through some of the habits we can adopt to form a plan of faithfulness and health to make it in ministry for the long run.


Building a Winning Team: Recruiting, Shepherding, and Keeping Volunteers
Andy Blanks
Youth ministry is better (in every way) when you have a team around you. And yet, this is a skill that many youth workers struggle with. In this interactive workshop, Andy Blanks will challenge and equip you to know how to build, grow, and keep an amazing team of volunteers.


Preacher Kids: Life in the Fishbowl
Pup Rogers
Serving the feelings, needs, and challenges of Ministry Kids.


Soul Care for Women in Youth Ministry
Sarah Wooten
Ministry can be hard. Being available, encouraging, and a source of strength for our students can take a toll on you and leave you feeling like you are spent. Come join us as we spend some time focusing our hearts and minds on the reasons we serve and do a little soul fill-up for women that serve in youth ministry.


Going BIG for Leading Small Groups
James Poulain
Small groups are one of the key ways that we fulfill the mission of making disciples. How can you leverage this aspect of ministry more effectively for the glory of God and the joy of his people? Come and engage.


Ministry, Mystery, and Mistaken Identity: Identifying Who You Are and Who You Are Not
Chad Higgins
Serving in a way that is faithful and fulfilling for us and our church. Understanding ourselves and our call to ministry.


Empowering Parents: How to Guide Your Parents through the Media and Online Activity of Their Teens
Jake Rasmussen
This breakout is focused on equipping you, the Youth Worker, to empower the parents in your ministry to engage their teenagers in the complex world of social media. You will be able to take this breakout home with you and teach your parents. You’ll receive the notes, presentation files, and additional resources to lead and equip the parents of your students.


Girls Ministry 101: The Why and the What of Girls Ministry
Whitley Lent
Have you ever wondered what Girls Ministry looks like? Why it’s important to the growth of your student ministry? Or maybe what your role would be? In this breakout we’ll look at these questions, as well as some practical aspects of what it means to minister to teenage girls.


The New Normal: Student Ministry Time in a Time of Covid
Steve Hall
Covid-19 has changed the way many of us go about everyday things. Covid has also challenged our notion of ministry and what comes next in the new normal that is Covid. How do we continue to be faithful workers in student ministry, but also deal with the challenges presented by Covid-19.


How to Win in Parent Ministry
Brad Duncan
How do you know if you are winning with parents? This breakout will give insight into how one of the most unreached subgroups in our ministry can be a blessing.


The Struggle is Real
Jeremy Johnson
Have you ever felt overwhelmed with ministry? Has ministry ever beaten you down? Have you ever felt like you were the only one struggling? Then this breakout is for you. Let’s talk through ways we, as ministers, can work together on our mental health.


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