Guest Leader Profile

Falls Creek Personalities

This form is for speakers and band leaders/ members who will be participating in Falls Creek 2019 as well as all guests of band leaders/ members & speakers who are staying overnight who are 18 years of age and older. Please note that the info obtained here will not be used for anything other than to prepare for camp. Your information will be secure and will not be retained. If you have concerns please contact Todd Sanders ( or (405) 942-3800). Thank you for your help in these matters.

  • Please list who you are associated with while you are at camp.
  • Please list the members of your band and how your band will be rooming while at Falls Creek.
  • Please list the names of any guests who will be staying overnight while you are at Falls Creek and the nights they will be staying. PLEASE NOTE: All overnight guests will have to complete this form individually and undergo the appropriate background checks.
  • Please list the names of all visitors (family or friends)who will be coming for part of a day or days or coming for a service during your week(s) at Falls Creek. We want to make sure we have made arrangements in advance at the gate for your guests.