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The very first thing you must do to secure a place for your group at Falls Creek is to procure lodging. Individual churches in Oklahoma own cabins that hold anywhere from 30 to 280 people. These cabins are rented by the churches who own them and not by the Falls Creek office.  A cabin contact list can be found online here.  (Rule of thumb: Never rent a cabin sight unseen.  Visit Falls Creek and do a sight inspection of the cabin before securing it for your group.)

  • Select the week you want to bring your group to camp.
  • Contact cabin owners for rental information.
  • Contract with a cabin owner for lodging.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have secured lodging, if you are a BGCO church, you are guaranteed a spot at camp.  The same is true if you are a non-BGCO church, if you agree to the Statement of Participation prepared by the BGCO Board of Directors. (This can be found by clicking here, or in your sponsor book.)


Now that you have secured lodging at camp, visit the Falls Creek Registration page here to begin the mandatory online orientation.  Click on the prompt to begin your orientation experience.

Online orientation is a video segment, followed by a bank of questions, designed to make sure you have a grasp on important camp information.  This online orientation MUST be viewed and completed by the youth pastor or lead sponsor of your church’s group.  This orientation contains vital information which must be shared with all sponsors who attend with your church.  The information in these videos will also be in our sponsor book which will be online at and mailed to registered churches in their promo packs.  All sponsors should read through the sponsor book thoroughly.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: if the lead sponsor or youth minister leaves the church, whoever fills their role will be responsible for this information.

Once the video has been viewed, and all questions have been answered correctly, you will receive a code. Please write this code down. You will enter this code on the Falls Creek registration portal to begin your camp registration.

Please note:  You can expedite the online orientation process by attending one of two orientation meetings.  The two orientation meetings offered are:

  • April 3, 6:30-8:00pm, OKC, Southern Hills
  • April 5, 6:30-8:00pm, Owasso, First Baptist
    (At these meetings you will be given information which will allow you to skip through the videos.)


Now that you have completed orientation, you will now set up your registration profile by providing information including a username, password, name, lead sponsor name, contact info, cabin information, week attending camp, and church information. Upon setting up your church profile, you are now free to populate your group’s registration for the summer by entering the names of your students and sponsors.

You can also:

  • Indicate which sponsors have completed background checks 
  • Indicate which students will serve on the decision team.
  • Identify students’ grade level and current high school graduates.
  • Check off registration forms as they are turned in.

Once you have updated all of your group’s information and accounted for all registration forms and background checks, you are ready for on-site registration on the Monday of your designated camp week.


When you arrive at camp on Monday for On-Site Registration, you will need to bring the following to the North lobby of the Tabernacle between 1:00 – 4:00pm

  • Your church contact sheet
  • Copies of your student and adult release forms (merged alphabetically)
  • Background Check Compliance Form
  • A check for the full amount of your registration.
  • Any questions you may have for our staff.

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