The Center for World Missions

The Center for World Missions was funded by the Wynn Construction Company of Oklahoma City. It contains approximately 2,800 square feet, a main room which seats around 112 people, and has a multi-purpose capacity. The northern half of the circular walls are made of floor to ceiling glass and provide a space for smaller group gatherings requiring a more reverent setting.

During the summer youth encampments, the Center for World Missions is used to introduce world missions to students. With a dual focus of helping teenagers know more about world missions and encouraging them to be sensitive to the possibility God may be calling them to missions; this approach has seen tremendous success for both. This approach uses visual aids, computer lab and email/IM contact with active missionaries and site counseling to assist students in understanding and following God’s will as it relates to community, national and world missions.

Missions Village

The Missions Village, which is located just east of the Tabernacle, is an interactive missions experience for students. Displays representing the locations of our GoStudents projects help students understand the life and need of those we seek to help through our mission efforts.