_________Pray for everyone God will bring to camp.

_________Develop a plan to enlist students for camp

_________Secure a cabin and transportation for your church.

_________Select sponsors (you must have at least one sponsor for every ten youth).

_________Select cooks for your cabin (every cabin provides its own food and cooks).

_________Register for camp online. Registration will be open between January 2 and April 22, 2019. Updates and changes to your online registration can be made at any time until Monday afternoon of your week.

_________Consider theme nights or a theme verse for your cabin.

_________Enlist and train sponsors and upperclassmen students to serve during the invitation. Invitation training will be held in the chapel at 6:30 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday.

_________Check out the contests offered.  Design or develop your ideas for t-shirts, standard, and/or banner if you plan to enter.

_________Order camp t-shirts from your design or order t-shirts pre-designed from Falls Creek.

_________Purchase or prepare a First Aid Kit for your cabin.

_________Plan meals and purchase food.

_________Divide the youth into teams/families for prayer and discussion during your cabin devotion and in-cabin Bible study.

_________Prepare your morning in-cabin Bible study and evening cabin devotional. Cabin devotional ideas and the in-cabin Bible study materials are available for download on the resources page.

_________Plan other in-cabin activities and the spiritual emphasis for you group.

_________Hold a parent/camper meeting:

  •  Make sure all release forms are signed and returned. (When they are filled out, make at least one extra copy, alphabetize them and bring both sets to camp.)
  • Hand out and read through the Parent Information, give out emergency phone numbers, etc.
  • Share the rules and expectations of your church, including the Falls Creek Dress Code and Code of Conduct.
  • Introduce the adult sponsors (including cooks) to the students and parents.
  • Create and distribute a camper packing list
  • Sign students up for recreational activities.

_________Complete the Recreation Form for group recreation

_________Secure correct change or check to pay for registration on Monday.

_________Register at the tabernacle Monday from 1:00-4:00pm


1. Church Contact Sheet

2. Alphabetized Release Forms (Sponsors and students merged)

3. Background Check Compliance Forms (and copies of student and sponsor Background Check Reports)

4. Cash or check for registration fee. (Make checks payable to the BGCO.)

5. Volleyball/Softball Registration Form