First Year Helps

Falls Creek is a unique camp in many ways:

  • you select and rent your own cabin
  • you bring your own cooks, food, and prepare mealsĀ in your cabin in your own kitchen
  • you design the mid-morning in-cabin Bible study, morning quiet time, recreation time, and evening cabin devotional for the unique needs of your group and much more.

Falls Creek is both rustic and modern with many varieties of cabins, rough hills, state of the art technology in the services, and access to missionaries and on-site or global mission opportunities.

The camp programming is generally designed for believers in the morning and lost students in the evening. Each week we typically host over 4,500 students and leaders, with nearly 1000 of those students being lost without Christ. In most cabins, 15-20% of the students coming with their group are not believers. We understand these dynamics and are sensitive to the unique responsibility of hosting that many lost students each week.

Falls Creek requires much preparation, but it has incredibly rich benefits. You do not need to pay a deposit to the camp to register your group, just reserve your cabin and pay the cabin deposit to the cabin owner. You do not need to give the camp your final list of attendees until you arrive on Monday, allowing you to bring more late registering guests. Because of the generosity of Oklahoma Baptists, your registration fee is incredibly low which allows more un-churched and lower income students to attend camp. You have access to one of the largest ropes courses in North America at no additional cost. The camp-wide worship experiences in the mornings and evenings are planned and coordinated, allowing you to spend more time developing the other in-cabin times with your students.

Please know that we understand how hard it is to find a cabin at Falls Creek. Most of the weeks of camp are completely booked by January, leaving you very few options to get into a cabin. Once you are in, we want to help you in any way that we can. No question is off limits. Feel free to e-mail us at, call (405) 942-3000 ext. 4645.