Before Camp

Before you leave for camp and on the way to camp, you might want to consider a few of these ideas to enhance your group camp experience!

On the Way to Camp

As you exit I-35 for Falls Creek, quickly give final instructions to your group, then ask your students to spend one minute silently praying for God to speak to them during the week. Just before you enter the gate, ask one person to pray out loud for the whole group.

If you have a theme song for your week, play the theme song as you enter the camp grounds.

Letters from Home

Consider asking parents to write their students a letter during Sunday School the day before your group leaves. You can bring the letters with you and distribute them or you can ask parents to mail the letters to camp. For students that will not get any mail from home, ask a Sunday School teacher to write all the students in their class. If you mail the letters, please address mail as follows:

Name of Camper
Church Name/Cabin Name and Number
Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center
6714 HWY 77D
Davis, OK 73030-8002.

The Falls Creek Office cannot sign for packages, so please do not allow packages to be sent to your cabin.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are found on the DVD in your camp packet. There are several promotional videos that can be utilized during your weekly youth service up until your week of camp. Also, you can produce your own promo videos that you can upload to your youth ministry’s website or share with students on YouTube.

Promotional Posters

Provided in your camp materials are three unique posters for your camp promotional needs. These posters can be used in the community and in your youth room to encourage students to sign up for your week of camp. Ask local businesses, gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops, sporting venues, etc. if you can display a poster in their window.

Customizing your Falls Creek Experience

Make the most of your camp experience! Visit the resources page to plan Falls Creek for your students!