After Camp


The success of Falls Creek is determined by the lives of students when they leave camp. Teenagers are learning how to walk with God, so they will need encouragement, ideas and accountability to help them continue to put into practice what they learned at Falls Creek. Before leaving for camp, think through specific ways you can prepare your students to go home after camp. These are a few ideas for your church to continue kingdom work at home.

Follow Up

Recruit and equip some adults who are not going to camp to help with the follow up after camp. As soon as a student makes a decision, contact the adult doing follow up back home and ask them to pray and prepare to meet with that student once a week for four weeks after camp to help with questions and needs. Falls Creek provides the Pursuit, a page on skopos that provides an easy four week mentor guide for every student who makes a decision to accept Christ during camp.

Students Sharing

Plan ways for your students to share their faith when they get home. When students start getting excited about sharing their faith at camp, they need to know there is a plan to take the excitement home. What will your plan be for your community?

Sunday School

Before camp, give the names of all the students attending camp from a specific grade/class to the teacher of that Sunday School class. Ask the teacher to call the students on Saturday night (after camp) to introduce themselves and talk with the student about Sunday morning Bible study the next day.


Have a date in mind for a baptismal service, so every student that accepts Christ will know before camp when they are going to be baptized. If possible, do the baptism counseling while you are still at camp. The Pursuit CD includes a resource to help students understand the purpose of baptism. If a student cannot participate in the first baptism service, do not give up. Continue to work with each student until all of them have been baptized. If baptism was important to Jesus, it should be important to us. A baptism resource, complete with creative ideas for celebrating baptisms, can be found here.

Bible Study Plan

When your students go home after camp, help them move beyond camp by connecting them to the Devotional to End all Devotionals, a nine month Bible study found here. The Devotional to End all Devotionals is a study designed to equip students to study the Bible on their own. After students work through this 36 week study, they will be able to meet with God and pull truths from His Word on their own.