Renting a Cabin Overview

Lodging at Falls Creek is unique.

Falls Creek offers over a hundred cabins with various capacities all owned by individual BGCO churches or associations. All cabins feature separate boys and girls sleeping quarters and bathrooms, a full kitchen, and group meeting space. Some cabins offer separate lodging space for cooks.

Cabins are made available for rent each week of the summer and securing a cabin is the first step in bringing your group to Falls Creek.

Cabin owners are responsible for coordinating their cabin rentals, so contact cabin owners directly for rental information.

3 Steps of Cabin Rental

1. Determine your group’s cabin need(s) based on capacity, rental cost, and necessary amenities.Using your capacity and rental cost criteria, sort and view matching cabins through the Cabin Information System. The Cabin Information System provides descriptions, photos, and rental contact information for each cabin.

2. Check if the cabins fitting your needs are available for rental through the list of Cabin Rentals by Week. This list represents the latest weekly rental information provided by cabin owners to Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center.

3. If a cabin vacancy appears on the week you wish to attend camp, contact cabin owners (churches or associations) to work out a rental contract or to be added to their rental waiting list.

Further Assistance

Please know that we understand the potential difficulty in securing a cabin for the first time. If you are having difficulty renting a cabin or if you have cabin rental questions, please feel free to contact: Ashton Forwoodson ( at (405) 942-3000 x 3000.

NOTE: A limited number of lodge rooms are available during the summer.  To inquire about booking a lodge room and for more information on lodge amenities, please contact the Falls Creek Conference Center Welcome Center at (580) 369-2101.