5 Elements of Participation

5 Elements of Participation

Falls Creek allows for a great deal of individual church flexibility, to allow each group their own unique camp experience. To participate in Falls Creek, you must be a BGCO or Southern Baptist church, or agree to the non-BGCO Statement of Participation from the BGCO Board of Directors.

It is important that every church understands the specific requirements to attend one of the finest youth camps in the world, Falls Creek.

Every church attending Falls Creek agrees to the following:

1. Your church must be a BGCO or Southern Baptist Church, or agree to the non-SBC Statement of Participation from the BGCO Board of Directors.

2. Your youth pastor/group leader is required to complete the mandatory online registration process.

3. You must register your group online between January 6 and May 1, 2020. Registration will close on May 1 and groups will not be able to create new registration accounts after that date.

4. Your youth pastor/group leader must complete all registration forms and agree to require his or her group to adhere to all camp regulations, including the Dress Code and Code of Conduct.

5. Your group must attend the Morning and Evening Worship Service, and your church must provide a quiet time, an in-cabin Bible Study, and evening devotional/wrap-up for your group.*

*In-cabin Bible study and cabin wrap-up/evening cabin devotional materials are provided online in the spring of each camp year. These studies are contained in the Group Leader Guide provided in the promotional materials  or are available online for download. Quiet time materials are provided online and in the Student Guide given to every student and sponsor at registration on Monday of your camp week.

Churches may use the provided materials to align with the theme of the day or they may use their own materials. But, each church must conduct some kind of quiet time, morning Bible study, and evening devotion with their students at the appropriate time per the Falls Creek daily schedule. 

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