Basketball Three Point Shoot-Out Tournament

Can you drain the money ball? Find out if you reign supreme as the 3-pt King or Queen by participating in the Three Point Shoot-Out on Tuesday between 1:30-4:00pm. at the Riverfront Recreation Field’s basketball court.  All participants must bring their own rebounder.  If participants do not have a rebounder, they must rebound after their shots.  Participants will qualify on Tuesday for the finals on Wednesday by sinking as many shots as they can in 30 seconds.  Participants will be placed into a tournament bracket for the final competition.  Only the shooters on Tuesday have the opportunity to play in the finals bracket on Wednesday.  Recognition will be held for guys’, girls’, and sponsors’ divisions.  There is no need to sign up in advance.

Challenges/Ropes Course

The Falls Creek ropes course is one of the largest ropes courses in the nation, providing people an opportunity to climb, struggle, sweat, walk and swing from heights of six inches to over forty feet.  The course operates Tuesday through Friday afternoon, weather permitting. The course usually takes about an hour to go through for one of the major element areas.

Group elements with a reserved time:
Tango Tower
Low Ropes Challenges (3)
Low Rescue Exercise
SwiftSkate Park Challenge

Group Challenges
The group challenges are designed to teach character, unity, and trust.  Each of the group elements requires some advance training and a final debriefing after the group has finished the course.  None of the challenges require any major athletic skill, just a willingness to learn and work together to accomplish a common goal.  All group challenges are found opposite of the softball field except for two low ropes challenges which are behind the individual elements at Price’s Falls.

During Monday registration, churches choosing to participate in a group challenge will select the day(s) they would like their group to have the opportunity to climb.

On their chosen morning(s), one sponsor for each group should go to the north counseling room in the tabernacle to

  • Meet with the ropes course leadership
  • Listen for their name to be called from a drawing
  • Choose the element and time for their group to participate on the ropes course.

Please note:  There are a limited number of spots available for groups and many, many people wanting to climb.  There is no guarantee that your group will be selected for a reserved time on your chosen day, but all churches will be able to sign up for a day at Monday registration to enter the drawing.  We appreciate your patience with the process and the limitations we face due to an increasing demand on our ropes course elements.

Students will be divided into groups of 6-18, with at least one adult in each group of students.  Students with no adult supervision will not be allowed to participate in the group challenges.  While some of your students participate in the event, others from the group can watch.  Though several groups from your church may utilize the course, any single student may only participate in one of the group challenges per week.  Exact participation numbers for each element and other details will be given to the lead sponsor during registration on Monday.

Four individual elements located at Price’s Falls:
50′ tall Alpine Tower (16 and over only)
40′ wide Bouldering Wall
45′ tall Giant Swing (height by choice)
35′ tall Climbing Tower (six sided)

Individual Element Located at Rounds Corner:
Zip Line “The Quad”

Individual Challenges
Individual “walk up” challenges provide individuals and small groups of students an opportunity to walk up and get in line for any of the four elements.  These events are also very challenging, but do not require significant athletic skill.

The SwiftSkate Park Challenge will be a walk up element on Monday afternoon from 2:00-5:00pm and again on Monday night from 9:00 to 10:00pm.  At all other times, the SwiftSkate Park Challenge will be a group event requiring advance sign up.


A favorite game of several individual churches is now a camp-wide activity. A walk-up tournament will take place at the Ping-Pong pavilion on Wednesday starting at 1:30pm. These cornhole games will also be available for walk-up play during the rest of the week. A game is scored as follows: one point for landing on the board, two points for an overlap, three points if you hit the hole. All games are played to 21 points.

Disc Golf 

Even if you have never played disc golf, you will enjoy the challenge.  Individuals can sign up for the tournament at the Riverfront Rec Hut on Tuesday or Wednesday from 1:30-4:00pm.  The tournament will begin on Thursday afternoon with the preliminaries beginning at 1:30pm at the disc golf course.  Players will be divided into groups of four.  Scoring will be kept by the number of throws required to get the disc in the basket at each hole.

The course consists of nine holes, which constitutes a game.  The 12 individual lowest scores will play a championship round on Friday at 1:30pm.  Discs will be provided for practice and tournament play and can be checked out at the Riverfront Rec Hut.  The course will be open for individual play Tuesday through Friday each day except during tournament play.  The course is located under the trees at the Riverfront Recreation Field.

5K Run

There are two divisions to our 5K event: the 5K and the 1 mile Fun Run.  Runners may choose which course, but walkers must walk the Fun Run course.  There will be a maximum time limit of 1 hour on these events this year. Runners and walkers will be given wristbands to wear during the event.  Both events begin at 7:15am on Wednesday, in front of the Jordan Welcome Center. Participants are urged to arrive around 6:45am to get the wristband indicating the event in which they will participate. 5K runners will be staged ahead of the Fun Run participants just before the 7:15am start. Once finishing the race, your wristband will be punched with a specialized hole punch.  During daily free time, you can go the Gift Shop and trade your wristband for a trading pin and/or purchase a t-shirt. Pins will not be given out at the race.


Singles and Doubles will be played in the pit area in the Riverfront Recreation Field.  The Singles tournament will be played on Thursday and the Doubles tournament will be played on Friday.  Players must sign up in advance for the tournament at the Riverfront Rec Hut on Tuesday or Wednesday from 1:30-4:00pm.  All participants for that day’s tournament should be present at the horseshoe pit, at their assigned time on Thursday or Friday.  Students and sponsors, guys and girls compete for one overall winner in the singles tournament.  Doubles can be student or sponsor, male or female.  One pair will be the overall winner.

A game consists of 21 points.  The horseshoe must be in the pitcher’s box to score.  A ringer scores five points, a leaner scores three points, and the closest scores one point.  Horseshoes may be checked out at the Riverfront Rec Hut each day for individuals to play.


The Kayak venue has one and two person kayaks for paddling. Campers do not have to be in a swimsuit to kayak, but they will have to wear a life jacket. The Kayak venue is located directly adjacent to the Entry Pool swimming area.


Churches interested in playing kickball will sign up to play two games on two days of camp. Play will be available for Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday. Your completed Volleyball/Softball/Kickball Registration Form should be turned in at registration on Monday from 1:00-4:00pm.

PLAYERS: A kickball team consist of students only OR students and up to two sponsors. The pitcher will be a student or sponsor from the church of the team batting and may not field or bat. A team can be either single gender or coed. No more than 10 players may be on the field at one time while on defense.

GAMES: Teams will be on their honor to call each play. Three pitches/rolls will be given to each student. If the ball is not put into play within three pitches/rolls, the player will be considered out. Player can be put out by a kick caught or by the ball tagging them (held or thrown) while base running, or can be forced out at a base.  Kickball games will be timed at 25 minutes. When the 25 minute call has been made, play cannot exceed past the end of the current inning. At the end of the Evening Worship Service each day, the game times will be posted at the Jordan Welcome Center. Tuesday game times will be available at the Tuesday morning Sponsor Update Meeting at 9:20am or in the Jordan Welcome Center.

EQUIPMENT: Teams playing kickball will use the kickballs provided by Falls Creek.

Ping Pong / Jungle Pong Showdown

The camp-wide ping pong and jungle pong showdowns will be held at the Ping-Pong Pavilion at the back of the SwiftSkate Park. The ping pong showdown will be Thursday afternoon at 2:00pm The jungle pong showdown will be Friday at 2:00pm. Host a tournament in your cabin on Monday through Wednesday and then submit your winner’s name in both categories to the Jordan Welcome Center by 7:00pm on Wednesday night. Cabin winners will be placed into a bracket and will play on Thursday/Friday to crown a winner.

Skate Park/SwiftSkate

SwiftSkate is a 9,000 square foot skate park designed with all steel ramps, rails, tables, stairs, quarter pipes, a mini-half pipe to spine, and a 30′  fun box.  The park will be open every Monday through Friday during afternoon free time.  Skaters must bring their own board to camp and are encouraged to bring their own pads and helmets.

SwiftSkate is the only area on grounds where skateboarding is permitted and can only be used when staffers are supervising the elements.  All skaters will be required to wear helmets and pads.  Pads and helmets will be available for checkout by students not bringing their helmet and pads from home.  All personal skateboards will be securely stored at the amphitheater after checking in on Monday and will be returned to skaters on Friday after skate time is over.

Times for beginner skaters will be 1:30-3:15pm Tuesday-Friday.  Advanced skaters will have from 3:15-5:00pm Tuesday-Friday.  On Monday, the park will open at 2:00pm for students to come and check their boards in and skate until 5:00pm.  Students must have their registration wristband on to skate.

SwiftSkate was made possible by a gift from Hugh and Nelda Swift of Duncan, OK as a ministry to the students of Falls Creek.

Skateboarding Competition

This competition will be held on Friday afternoon at 3:00pm.  You must bring your own skateboard to participate in the competition.  Only people using skateboards may enter. Helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads must be worn at all times during the competition.  You can sign up anytime on Wednesday or Thursday between 1:00pm and 5:00pm and on Friday between 1:00pm and 3:00pm at the skate park.  There must be at least 8 people to sign up in order for the competition to take place. Skaters will be split into groups evenly, depending on how many enter.  each group will skate the selected obstacles for 3 minutes, attempting to land as many tricks as possible.  The staff members will judge the skating done in each group and declare a winner from each group based on the amount and difficulty of the tricks being done. The winners selected from each group will be put into the finals round for an additional three minutes to compete against each other. Judges will then declare an overall winner and that person will receive a free Falls Creek skateboard.


This is a target game using launching platforms, ball launchers, and tennis balls! Tennis balls will be provided by the Rec Staff. This is a walk-up element and is a one-on-one game for individual competition.

How to play:

  • Each player takes their place on their launching platform.
  • Each player will get 25 shots at the various targets or hoops. Targets are various sizes and have different point values. One player will be using yellow tennis balls and the other player will be using orange tennis balls.
  • Once play begins, players will launch their 25 shots. There is no alternating of shots, players are shooting at targets simultaneously.
  • After all shots have been taken, the balls should be collected from the targets and points tallied.
  • Player with high score wins.
  • Players collect and return all tennis balls to the launching pad for the next players.
  • A winning player may hold a platform for up to three wins. After three wins, he or she MUST then rotate off the platform, allowing others to play.

Swimming/Lakefront Recreation

Girls’ Times

Baptist Lake (Lake Park & Water Slides):
Monday 2:00-5:00pm / Wednesday & Friday 1:30-5:30pm

Entry Creek (Inflatable Games):
Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-5:30pm

Guys’ Times

Entry Creek (Inflatable Games):
Monday 2:00-5:00pm / Wednesday & Friday 1:30-5:30pm

Baptist Lake (Lake Park & Water Slides):
Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-5:30pm

Children under four years of age may accompany either parent at the parent’s appropriate swim time. All children (birth-10 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or an adult sponsor from their church at all recreational venues. Baptist Lake and Entry Creek require a life jacket, provided by Falls Creek. Baptist Lake has two waterslides and inflatable water climbing elements. Entry Creek has inflatable water climbing elements as well.

Team Volleyball

On Monday during registration from 1:00-4:00pm, each church will turn in their form and select the game times for their teams for the week.  Churches that do not have a complete team are permitted to pick up additional players from churches not entered in the competition, except for the Red Division.


Blue – Youth Guys (4-9 players) Players must be students, no sponsors.

Pink – Youth Girls (4-9 players) Players must be students, no sponsors.

 Green – Middle School Coed (4-9 players) Players must be students who just completed the 6th through 8th grades, no sponsors.

Purple – High School Coed (4-9 players) Players must be students who just completed the 9th through 12th grades, no sponsors.

 Red – Four-on- Four (max of 5 players, High Competition) Players can be male, female, student, or sponsor but must be from the same church.

Orange – Sponsors (4-9 players) Players can be any mixture of male or female sponsors with up to two students.


Individuals may participate only if they have been or intend to be in residence at Falls Creek three of the four playing days. Players must be on the team all week and you cannot add players to a team after Tuesday.  You may sign up to play in more than one league, but games will not be started late to accommodate conflicts.  This might result in a forfeit, so participate responsibly.

A sponsor/adult is defined as a person who has graduated from high school by one year.

Number of Teams

Blue / Pink / Green / Purple

One team for 4-59 students

Two teams for 60-110 students

Three teams for over 110 students

Red / Orange

Two teams from each church are allowed

More teams can be added on Monday at late night registration, if bracket space allows.


Games consist of fifteen or twenty-one points and must be won by a two-point advantage.  There is a maximum of 9 players on the court and substitution is encouraged to allow more individuals to participate.  The Red Division must have 4 players on the court.

Any team that does not show up for a game at their scheduled time, any day, may be required to forfeit their games in that event for the rest of the week.  Every team that enters the tournament will play each day Tuesday through Thursday.  Friday will be a single elimination tournament using the winning teams from Tuesday through Thursday.  The winning teams will be recognized on Friday night before the Evening Worship Service.

At the end of the Evening Worship Service each day, the exact game times will be posted at the Jordan Welcome Center for the following day’s play and they will be available at the Sponsor Update Meeting each morning at 9:20am.  For Tuesday’s game times, check the Jordan Welcome Center on Tuesday morning or the Sponsor Update Meeting.


Ultimate is a game similar to football played with a Frisbee or a flying disc. The Ultimate field will be clearly marked with cones, just south of the Rec Field Concessions area. Discs can be checked out at the Rec Hut or a private disc, which must be agreed upon by both teams, may be used. Ultimate will be a “walk up” element, utilizing the following rules:

  • Pray to start each game
  • Teams must have between 6-10 players each
  • Two teams play to 5, 1 point per score, must win by 2 points
  • A dropped disc is a turnover
  • Make your own out of bounds calls
  • No more than 3 steps after a catch (step, step, stop)
  • Winning team may hold the field up to 3 games total (initial game, plus 2 games)
  • If a winning teams holds the field for 3 games, they MUST then rotate off the field for at least one game
  • Play hard, have fun, be civil

Recreation Review

Events that do not require advance sign up:
Open Horseshoes – Riverfront
Swimming – Entry Creek, Baptist Lake
Three Point Shoot-out – Riverfront
Open Disc Golf – Riverfront
Alpine Tower – Price’s Falls
Bouldering Wall – Price’s Falls
Giant Swing – Price’s Falls
35′′ tall Climbing Tower (six-sided) – Price’s Falls
5K/Fun Run – Jordan Welcome Center
SwiftSkate Park
Giant Games – Price’s Falls
Chess/Checker Park – SwiftSkate Park
“The Quad” Zip lines – Rounds Corner
Open Play Volleyball – Riverfront
Ultimate – Riverfront
Slingshot – Riverfront

Events that require advance sign up at registration on Monday:
Group Challenges on Ropes Course
All Volleyball Divisions

Events that require advance sign up at the Rec Hut:
Disc Golf and Horseshoe tournaments

Events that require advance sign up in the Jordan Welcome Center:
Ping Pong / Jungle Pong Showdown

Items available for Check Out from the Rec Hut:
Frisbees, Volleyballs, Footballs, Basketballs, and Horseshoes may be checked out from the recreation hut at the River Front Recreation Area.  You may check with the rec hut or Jordan Welcome Center in the summer for other options on check out rec items.