Falls Creek FAQ's


If a student turns 18 in the middle of camp, do we need to run a background check before camp?

Yes. In the instance that this happens, complete all needed background checks before leaving for camp.


Do we treat yellow flag and red flag offenses for students in the same manner as adults?

Yes. You will need to pre-screen your students requiring background checks in the same way you would for adult sponsors.


What are some background check companies I can use?

There are 4 suggestions in your Field Guide or here. The important thing to remember in choosing your background check provider is making sure you are receiving a detailed criminal check (state, county, and national criminal background checks) and a check of the national sex offender registry.


Can I add students up until leaving for camp even though my account has to be created by May 5?

Yes! Coming to Falls Creek allows you to add students right up until you leave for camp. Creating an account by May 5 does not mean you must have all of your camper or adult information input by that date. Keep inviting and sign ‘em up! (NOTE: Make sure you have time to complete the necessary background checks for any student or adult 18 years of age or older.)


I created an account last year and cannot log back in. Why is that?

You must create a new account each year.


The registration system is saying I am a non-affiliated church, and we are. What can I do?

Try entering your zip code only and hitting search, when it finds result use the drop down arrow to see the full list.


Where can I find the release forms?

Forms can be found in your Field Guide or in your Digital Camp Kit (which can be found on the homepage of your registration account).


When do I have to pay my registration cost?

All registration fees are due Monday of your camp week. Check or cash only, please make checks payable to Oklahoma Baptists.


Where can I see a list of available cabins?

Check out step 2 here.