The Middle School and High School campuses are one of the greatest mission fields in Oklahoma. The following strategies can be seamlessly used to equip, empower, and encourage your students and church to reach that mission field.

Think of the following resources as one strategy to reach the schools in your community. They build on one another and gain energy off on one another. It is a foundation that enables you to build your own campus outreach strategy. Start by adopting a school, move to praying for that school, then send students to that school as missionaries, and finally create or influence a club environment for them to be able to invite their friends to come hear a simple presentation of the Gospel.

Yearbook Praying

This is a great strategy for getting your church involved in praying for Christian and non-Christian students at your school.  See if you can purchase an extra yearbook from last year or plan ahead and by an extra one this year.  Cut the pictures out in rows that include five to seven students and have them ready for people at your church to pick up. Ask them to pick up a strip of pictures and commit to pray for each student once a week.  They don’t even have to know the student to pray for them.  The key is to have them pray that if the student is a Christian, that God would use them to make an impact on their campus that day.  That if they are not a Christian, that they would give their hearts to Christ.  Can you imagine the impact that would happen if every student on your campus were prayed for once a week for the entire year?  Another option, in case you can’t get a yearbook is to use a school directory or a list of students at your school.  This should be a public list that’s available to anyone so you won’t be invading anybody’s privacy.  If your school is big, involve other churches in this prayer effort and watch what God can do when His people pray.

Prayer Groups

Any group of two or three students praying for God to make an impact on their campus can be effective.  God’s doesn’t seem to be as worried about numbers as He is about your heart.  Prayer groups can be a couple of friends or a bunch of students broken down into smaller groups.  The key is to focus your prayer on students who haven’t had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ.  The saying, “Sometimes we don’t talk to our friends about Jesus because we haven’t been talking to Jesus about our friends,” is all too true.  Prayer groups that are focused on seeing friends come to Christ will have the kind of purpose it takes to keep going over a long period of time.

Student Rights on Campus

You have the right to carry your Bible on campus.
You have the right to pray during school on campus.
You have the right to share your faith as long as it is not in a harassing manner.

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