Curriculum Questions

Curious about what curriculum would be best for your group? Here are some quality publishing houses we might recommend in your


Lifeway Christian Resources

Lifeway Student Ministry provides 3 starting points for groups in their major curriculum lines:



Life Application

Depending on where you want to start with your your group and what you are trying to accomplish, Lifeway has an ongoing curriculum option for you to use. Those options are:

The Gospel Project for a theological starting point

Explore the Bible, for a Biblical starting point


Bible Studies for Life, for a life application starting point

Visit Lifeway Student Ministry, by clicking the logos, to read more about the starting points or to explore all of their major curriculum lines and other Bible study resources.




YM360 offers a number of short term studies and various other Bible study options that can be used in any setting from Sunday morning or Wednesday night to DNow or retreat weekends. Click the logo to visit and all they have to offer.



Contact the student education office for more information on curriculum and educational strategy for your youth ministry.