Sunday School


What we do in the church is based in relationships!  We have a relationship with Christ, and we walk life with other believers, in relationship, in order that we might see others come into relationship with Christ and deliver the life changing Truth of the Gospel!  The way we accomplish that is through Sunday School or small group Bible study groups.

Welcome to the Sunday School and small group resource page! I hope the contents of this page will help you in planning and conducting effective small group Bible studies. I am always ready to help your youth leadership in regards to your Bible study needs. Contact me at or 405.942.3000 x4301. I look forward to hearing from you.

ReConnect Sunday School Training // Online, On-Demand Training for Leaders
Sunday School is the church’s primary strategy to connect people to Jesus, His Truth, His Community, & His Mission.  Are you a Sunday School or small group leader?  Are you a leader of leaders? Leaders must sharpen their skills if they are going to be effective in their task. Check out to explore leader certification and badging as a means for ongoing training for the small group or Sunday School setting.

Sunday School/ Small Group Materials

Chat Packs Ask better questions. Print these to prime the pump!
Click Here to download the THIRST: Fully Engaged Evangelism Sunday School/ Small Group Resource