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Sexual Purity

Biblical Responses to the Questions Youth Ask About Sexual Purity.pdf

Sexual Purity Conference Teaching Plan.pdf

Sexual Purity Parent Conference Guide.pdf

Sexual Purity PowerPoint


Honesty Conference Teaching Plan.pdf

Honesty Parent Conference Guide.pdf

Honesty PowerPoint

Self Image

Self Image Conference Teaching Plan.pdf

Self Image Parent Conference Guide.pdf

Self Image Power Point

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Conference Teaching Plan.pdf

Substance Abuse Parent Conference Guide.pdf

Substance Abuse PowerPoint

Faith: Parenting Skills that Encourage a Heritage of Faith

Faith Conference Teaching Plan.pdf

Faith Parent Conference Guide pages.pdf



Building Responsibility in Your Teen

Modesty – Developing Dress Codes

Preparing your Kids for Dating

Punishment vs. Discipline – Positive Discipline for Your Teenager

Time Limits – Setting Curfews

Host a Moral Compass meeting

Several of our Moral Compass ministry team members stand prepared to come to your church and host an initial Moral Compass meeting.  We would be glad to come and hold one of those conferences at your church.

Contact us at (405) 942-3000 x 4645.


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