Parent Ministry


What is Moral Compass?

The Moral Compass is a strategy for parents and youth leaders designed to help students find True North (Christlikeness), and to successfully navigate their lives according to God’s principles.

It seeks to:
1. Help students build a strong moral compass.
2. Help students develop healthy relationships.
3. Help create lasting marriages by building strong character through positive choices now.

What is True North Living?

All of us have a “true north” to our lives — a magnetic pull of certain priorities, beliefs, and values.  Working with others to remain morally pure requires a distinct set of true north virtues.  This self-assessment is a reminder to check the direction of our true north virtues.  True North Living for the Christian is a following of God’s perfect guidance as outlined in His word.

A Self-Assessment to Stay True North

Keep the first commandment.
Loving God is a passion that requires cultivation, discipline, and renewal. (Matthew 22:37-38)

Stay focused on a vision.
A shared vision or mission keeps me focused on what is important and that which ultimately bears lasting fruit in my life. (1 Thessalonians 4:1-3)

Live in community.
I need help for true north living. I will find a friend or friends who will keep me accountable to stay on true north. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

The difference between a value and a virtue:

Values may shift. If society deems a particular activity as acceptable, then whatever that activity may be, becomes an accepted value of that society.

Virtues do not shift. They remain constant despite the shifting mores of society.

We must set our sights on unchanging virtues and pursue the moral excellence to which God has called us.

The Moral Compass is an ongoing ministry to your parents and serves as a constant reminder for parents to live “True North” lives, to follow God’s command to be the moral educators of their children, and to provide a source for challenge and encouragement from their peers.

How does this work?

In order to provide an ongoing ministry to parents, The Moral Compass would like to recommend some formats for monthly or quarterly parent meetings, some suggested topics of interest, and some websites for research and information gathering.  The recommended formats may be used to plug in your topic of choice and plan your parent meeting. No matter what format you choose for your meetings, consider the following information to take full advantage of this opportunity for creating or stabilizing a parent ministry in your church:

1. Make sure there is a designated leader(s) for this ministry.  The leader(s) should be responsible for setting the meeting time, promoting the meeting, and securing the program and personalities for the meeting.  Provide the training necessary for this leadership role.

2. Involve the pastor in the promotion and leadership of this ministry.  He doesn’t have to take an active leadership role (unless he desires to), but since he is critically involved in the ministry to families in your church, his support will aid your cause as this parent ministry effectively aids the overall ministry of the church.

3. Always stay on target.  The number one killer of parent ministry is the idle chatter that disintegrates into gossip which springs from aimless gatherings of parents.  If you just come together to talk about youth, that is exactly what will happen and someone will get their feelings hurt and your parent ministry will fail almost immediately.  Use Moral Compass suggested meeting plan formats and downloadable parent meeting plans provided at this website for effective, targeted meetings.

The Moral Compass strategy was developed out of a deep concern for today’s students. We desire to help parents with the difficult task of parenting, because parents are the Biblically designated moral educators of their children and are undeniably the greatest influencers of their children. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of The Moral Compass. Help your students learn how to navigate the perilous societal landscape that life lays before them. They are counting on you.

What are the components of an ongoing parent ministry?

Does a parent ministry merely consist of a series of meetings? Here a few ideas for preparing, implementing, and growing an ongoing parent ministry:

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