Catalysts/ Consultants

ReConnect Catalysts

Oklahoma Youth Ministry Catalysts have been trained in General Youth Ministry, Sunday School & ReConnect training materials. If you are interested in using one of them for training or a consultation, feel free to contact our offices (405) 942-3000 x 4642 or contact the consultant directly. Below you will find Financial Expectations for using a Consultant. Contact Todd Sanders ( or Amy Biliske ( for a list of Catalysts in your area or with any questions about training opportunities.


Financial Expectations for using State Catalysts


  • 2-3 hours of teaching = $200
  • 4-5 hours of teaching = $250
  • 6+ (same or second day) = $300

Travel Expenses:

  • Mileage (.45 cents per mile)
  • Lodging (if needed)
  • Meals (in transit & at event)


If you are interested in serving as a ReConnect Catalyst, or about serving in other catalyst opportunities, contact Todd or Amy in the youth ministry office!

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