Brad - Artist

My parents divorced when I was seven, and I lived with my dad growing up. We always went to church, but right after my parents split I gave my life to God. I made many wrong decisions concerning friends and activities, including drug use. I got into college and used the only talent I really learned in high school, drawing. Just after I turned twenty one, I realized that my lifestyle didn’t reflect the decision I had made as a young child and I felt God calling me back. I gave my life and love to Christ in my dad’s kitchen on Easter morning that year.

I began to read deep into God’s Word for the right answers. While still in college, I began to realize that God wanted me to use my graphic design talents for His glory. While in college I joined the on campus Christian group, Baptist Student Union (BSU). At the BSU I found many new friends, my wife, and a mentor who always encouraged me to stay the course and look for all the opportunities God would give me.

I used many of my projects in college as a platform to present my faith. Then, I began to feel God calling me into full-time ministry. My soul began to stir and long for the new challenge God had in store for me. My circle of influence grew and made me more aware of the opportunities that were there. God continued to challenge me to take steps that would help me today and tomorrow in the ministry He had in store for me.

Eventually, I took a position, one that God had been preparing me for, with a church as the director of production arts. Many of my friends and family were very excited and encouraged me. I did have questions, but I really felt comfortable and at peace with the challenge. My wife also solidified the decision by telling me she was ready to go into the ministry.

My vocational ministry is centered on the technical arts of the church; audio, video, lights, and stage. My church is focused on a new generation of believers and the need to apply the technical aspects to deliver God’s message. My responsibilities include coordination of lay volunteer workers and part-time employees. We help bring the technical aspects of the ministry to life and establish the graphic consistency of print, web and video material.

My advice to those just beginning to explore God’s call on their lives would be to stay open to challenges. Look at what you are doing now not as a wall or interruption to the ministry you think you should be doing, but think of it as stepping stones to what you might be doing tomorrow.