The Discovery

Meeting Six

Meeting Six

Discussion Guide
1. Looking back over the last six months, what progress have you made in pursuing
God’s call on your life?
2. How have you grown and matured the most?
3. What questions do you still have?
4. Are you practicing the spiritual disciplines regularly? Explain.
5. How do you intend to maintain accountability in your spiritual/vocational growth?
6. How are you functioning as a member of the church?
7. What do you feel the future holds for you?

Homework Assignment

  • Encourage your apprentice to record his/her thoughts, feelings and emotions at this stage of his/her spiritual journey so that they will be able to look back on this point in time as a spiritual marker of sorts by which to measure future growth and by which to celebrate God’s faithfulness.

Note to the Mentor: Following this meeting, consider writing a personal letter of
encouragement to your apprentice that they can keep and reread in future years.