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Invitation to Mentor

Invitation to Mentor

You have been selected by someone earnestly seeking God’s direction in his/her life as a
possible mentor. What is a mentor? Technically speaking, a “mentor” is “a wise and trusted
counselor or teacher.” Spiritually speaking, a mentor is someone who intentionally guides
another believer into a deeper relationship with Christ and helps that believer to discern
God’s direction in his/her life, leading them toward a life of obedience to God. The
apprentice who has approached you believes you are the person to guide him/her.

Before accepting this responsibility, please prayerfully consider whether this mentor/apprentice
relationship is something that you are able to commit to with dedication, enthusiasm, and
spiritual clarity. If you are unsure whether you will be able to fill this role effectively and see it
through to the end, please decline the opportunity so the apprentice will have the opportunity to
make the most of a mentoring relationship with someone else at this critical time in his/her life. (If
you are of a different gender than the apprentice who has approached you, please refer them to
someone of the same gender whom you feel would be a good mentor.)
What would my responsibilities be?

The apprentice who has approached you is just beginning to explore God’s call on his/her
life. They are currently working through curriculum given to them following their surrender to
God’s call. The assignment God has in mind for this apprentice may be to carry out the
ministry of Jesus Christ as a church vocational minister or to carry out the ministry of Jesus
Christ in another arena. Either way, your responsibility as a mentor would be to assist the
apprentice as he/she begins to formalize his/her thoughts about calling, ministry and God’s
direction for his/her life. You may want to familiarize yourself with this website.

Specifically, your responsibilities as a mentor would be as follows:
1. Commit to pray daily for your apprentice.
2. Commit to maintain your relationship with Christ in such a way God will be able to
work powerfully through you in the life of your apprentice.
3. Commit to meet with your apprentice once a month for six months, choosing a time
that is convenient for both of you, allowing at least an hour for discussion and prayer
during each meeting and preparing for said meeting. (First meeting should happen
within two weeks of agreement to become a mentor.)
4. Commit to help your apprentice answer any questions they may have about God’s
direction in his/her life, listening carefully and only giving advice that you believe to
be Spirit-led.
5. Commit to challenge your apprentice to grow and mature spiritually, relationally,
professionally, academically, etc., presenting scripture for study on suggested topics
and sharing related personal testimony.
6. To hold your apprentice accountable for commitments they make.
If you commit to become a Mentor, please ask your apprentice for all material that appears on The
Discovery under the heading “Mentoring Guide.”