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For many people in ministry, one of the most significant times of learning in their life was when they connected with a mentor. Selecting a mentor is not a quick decision. This person will affect the direction of your calling based on their advice and their spiritual guidance, so do not choose a mentor without first spending significant time in prayer. Make sure you are ready to learn and ready to ask questions that will help you grow as a person and as a minister. Below there is a guide for you and for your mentor. You and your mentor can adapt this process to best fit your needs, but consider beginning with the ideas and topics presented in this guide.

Getting Started

1. When you are thinking about who could be a mentor remember this person will be a “wise and trusted teacher or counselor.” Try to think of someone who:

  • Is acceptable to the authorities in your life.
  • Is of the same gender as you.
  • Is considerably older than you.
  • Is reasonably accessible to you.
  • Is active and growing in his/her personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Is faithful in the spiritual disciplines.
  • Is currently serving the body in some capacity.

Your mentor does not have to be a paid church vocational staff member. A mentor can be someone else whom you know and feel comfortable confiding in.

2. Once you have a person in mind, print him/her a copy of Mentoring Guide for the Mentor and “Mentoring Accountability Form”  off of this website so they can see the type of topics and time commitment you are requesting. You should also take time to sit down with them and explain what you hope to achieve during your time being mentored.

3. Work with your mentor to find meeting times that will accommodate both of you, remembering they are sacrificing their personal time to help you.

4. Arrive at meetings prepared and on time.

5. Complete any homework assignments given by your mentor. Before each meeting, complete the Mentoring Accountability Form. This form will help you prepare for your mentoring meeting and self evaluate your spiritual and ministry growth.

6. Consider all advice given you by your mentor, checking it against scripture before using it in your own life.

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