The Discovery




  • Whether carrying out the ministry of the “clergy” or “laymen,” all believers
    are called to the ministry of Jesus Christ, their faith enabling them to be used
    by Him.
  • Though the daily tasks that each of us carry out may differ, we are all
    ambassadors, sent to point others to Jesus Christ and the reconciliation that He
    made possible.
  • If we are to be Christ’s ambassadors and represent Him well in whatever
    daily tasks that God has given us as individuals, we must follow the example
    that He lived for all of us, in action, in word, and in attitude.
  • If your sincere objective in ministry is to lead people to reconciliation
    with God, love will be your method of operation, and you will demonstrate that
    love in humble servitude to others as Jesus did.
  • We must point people toward Christ verbally, taking every opportunity to
    explain to them the love that compels us.

Being an ambassador for Christ is a full-time job. As Christians, we are to
live as Christ not only in moments of intentional ministry to others, but even
in our most private moments. Sometimes, the way that we think, act, and speak in
front of others when we aren’t even aware that we are being evaluated
accomplishes more for or against the cause of Christ than the things that we do
intentionally. Moments like these reveal our hearts to others and, for them,
either confirm or deny that Jesus is who we say He is. The moments “off the
stage” are moments in which profound ministry can take place. This thought
should both encourage and challenge each of us.

2 Corinthians 3:12-4:6
(Notice especially verses 3:18-4:1)

When Moses had been with God, he had to veil his face in front of his people
because God’s glory had caused it to glow. Because Jesus had not yet come and
the Holy Spirit was not dwelling in the hearts of all Christians, people could
not interact with God on an individual level. It was a privilege reserved for a
few, and those few would do business with God on behalf of others. Now that
Jesus has come, there is no more “veil,” or separation from God, for believers.

When someone accepts Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives within that person’s heart.
God begins to transform that person, making them more like Christ. The change
God brings about proves who He is to others who witness the change, and it
brings glory to Him. Freely allowing others to witness the change that God
has made in us by simply being who we ought to be as Christians all the time is
as much a part of ministry as the words and deeds we schedule into our
When we begin to understand this aspect of ministry, pressure that we
put on ourselves to constantly “do” something for God begins to dissipate.
Although you must continue to serve and direct others to Jesus with your words,
you don’t have to create a sacrifice of “busyness”; you are the sacrifice when
you let Christ live through you (Romans

Take a few moments and write your thoughts, concerns, and questions in your
journal. Allow the following thought suggestions to guide you.

Are you a full-time ambassador for Jesus? Would those who know you agree?

How does it feel to know that concentrating on becoming like Jesus is the
ministry as much as it is doing “ministerial” things?

Does your intentional ministry reflect your heart? Explain.

What is God teaching you about ministry?