The Discovery



As we’ve already discussed, Jesus’ call to Himself is three-fold, setting
those who respond apart for salvation, discipleship, and ministry. The call of
Jesus is for all sinners. The ministry of Jesus Christ is to reconcile sinners
to God, and the ministry of all believers is to act as ambassadors for Christ,
pointing others to Christ and spreading the message of salvation. If the call is
the same for all believers and the ministry is the same for all believers, what
sets one believer apart from the next? The assignment!

God has uniquely created each individual with His ultimate purpose of
reconciling the lost to Himself in mind, giving each a specific set of gifts,
talents, abilities, passions, experiences, circumstances, and opportunities to
be used for His glory. When a person becomes a believer and surrenders
completely to God’s will for his/her life, God begins to use those gifts,
talents, abilities, passions, experiences, circumstances, and opportunities
together to accomplish His purpose through that believer. When the believer
begins to understand the specifics of his make up and begins to sense God using
him, he will experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose. He will begin to
understand that no one else can do exactly what he was designed to do in the way
that God equipped him to do it and will discover that he has been assigned a
“niche” by God in which to live out the call and ministry that all believers

Rather than constantly differentiating between the call and ministry that all
believers share and a believer’s individual specific assignment, people often
refer to a believer’s niche, or assignment, as being his/her ministry or
calling. For example, if John carries out the ministry of Jesus Christ while
working as a missionary, most would say that mission work is John’s “calling.”
If Jennifer spreads the gospel through her school campus club, most would say
that the campus club is Jennifer’s “ministry.” To borrow this terminology,
there are as many ministries/callings as there are believers and ministries all
work together to accomplish God’s will and bring glory to Him. Whatever your
assignment, God has equipped you to carry out your calling and ministry, and it
is He who will bring about the results that He desires. Remember, your calling
is not your assignment or task, your calling is to follow Jesus. Jesus will give
you a task, but you focus on following Christ.

Psalm 139:13-16 Write it out in
your journal, underlining the words or phrases that touch your heart.

Romans 8:28-30 Write verse 29 in
your journal.

Take a few moments and write your thoughts, concerns, and questions in your
journal. Allow the following thought suggestions to guide you.

How does it feel to know that God has equipped you for a specific assignment
and that you have what you need to be an effective minister for Him?

What are your thoughts as you read the assigned scripture?

What has God taught you today about assignment?