The Discovery




  • While it is certainly true that Christ works through us to accomplish the
    will of God, obedience to Him does require effort on our part!
  • As you carry out the assignments that God gives you, it is very important
    that you continue to mature in every way.
  • Jesus calls us to salvation and to ministry as His ambassadors, but He also
    calls us to become His disciples, to learn from Him.
  • To become a disciple is to take responsibility for your own growth and

To grow and mature personally, you must actively seek God and His
direction for your life.

Galatians 1:11-17

Why did Paul disappear to Arabia? He wanted to get alone with God. He knew
that surrounding himself with Christians was important, but that an intimate
relationship with God was even more important. Only God can reveal Himself to
us. A Christian who only learns about God through others is like a doctor who
reads only textbooks, but never examines a human body. Medicine, to him is
theory, not reality. Likewise, a faith filtered through the mouths of preachers
and teachers is just theory until a Christian learns to put into practice the
words spoken to him personally through prayer or scripture.

It is tempting sometimes to blame others for our own lack of growth or
maturity. When our hearts lack the zeal that we once had for serving God, we
tend to point our fingers outward instead of taking responsibility ourselves for
the stagnation we are experiencing. Preachers, teachers, parents, and friends
often take the brunt of our frustration, labeled in our own minds as
ineffective, when the real source of our frustration lies within the choices we
ourselves make concerning our obedience to Christ. We cannot expect a sermon,
Bible study, retreat, camp, or program to grow us spiritually. They are
man-made. They are texts to aid us in our pursuit of the Holy and Living God who
deserves our personal examination. We must get alone with God and His word.
Jesus saw time alone with His Father as important, we should see this as

Luke 5:16
Luke 6:12
Luke 9:18
Luke 9:28

Take a few moments and write your thoughts, concerns, and questions in your
journal. Allow the following thought suggestions to guide you.

Are you in the habit of leaning on people or on God to help you grow and
mature? Give examples.

Have you ever blamed someone else for your own stagnation?

Have you ever considered taking a time of spiritual retreat to be alone with
God and His word for a full hour, day, weekend or week? Blocking off times, in
addition to your daily quiet time can help you re-focus and refresh with God.

What is God teaching you?