The Discovery




  • While it is certainly true that Christ works through us to accomplish the
    will of God, obedience to Him does require effort on our part!
  • As you carry out the assignments that God gives you, it is very important
    that you continue to mature in every way.
  • Jesus calls us to salvation and to ministry as His ambassadors, but He also
    calls us to become His disciples, to learn from Him.
  • To become a disciple is to take responsibility for your own growth and
  • To grow and mature personally, you must actively seek God and His direction
    for your life.
  • Prayer is not only a good idea. It is a vital discipline in the life of a
    believer. Without it, you disconnect yourself from the source of power behind
    your ministry.

Intercessory prayer is the prayer of a believer for God’s will to be done
in the life of another person. It is vital to the survival and successful
functioning of the body of Christ.
Jesus understood this. He prayed for us.
Take your time reading John 17.

Paul understood the power of intercessory prayer. He constantly requested
prayer from the many churches with whom he worked. In Ephesians, he writes:

Ephesians 6:18-20

As you develop the Spiritual Discipline of prayer, make sure to make
intercessory prayer a priority. In this way, you are enabling the body even when
you have no physical role in a particular function. Also, make sure that you
have someone praying intercessory prayer for you. God may perform a miracle for
or through you because of the prayer of another believer. For example, read Acts 12:5-17.

Take a few moments and write your thoughts, concerns, and questions in your
journal. Allow the following thought suggestions to guide you.

How do you feel knowing that Jesus prays for you?

Have you been taking intercessory prayer seriously? Why or why not?

Have you ever witnessed the power of intercessory prayer first hand? Record
the instance(s).

How would your church be affected if its members took intercessory prayer

How would your friends and family be affected if you took it seriously?

Are you sure someone is interceding for you in prayer? If not, what steps do
you plan to take to make sure that you are being prayed for?