The Discovery



Psalm 119:1-112Another essential Spiritual Discipline is Bible study, not just the kind that
you get by attending a Bible study class or listening to a sermon, but the kind
that you conduct on your own. Learning how to study your Bible on your own is a
major step in taking responsibility for your own spiritual growth and a
significant mark of maturity for a Christian, and it is more than simply reading
a devotional verse and then reading someone else’s insight on that verse.
True Bible study is seeking the heart of God for yourself within the pages of
the Bible, going first to the Bible itself, reading and listening and taking in
what the Holy Spirit has to say to you as an individual rather than to the

Personal Bible study is essential for several reasons:

Because the rhythm of God is different in each person’s life, there will be
times that God has something to say specifically to you in a way that cannot be
said through another person. Only by studying the Bible on your own will you
be able to search out God’s individualized plan for your life.

As an ambassador for Christ, you are to direct others to the truth of God.
If you do not have a working knowledge of the truth and are not working
toward attaining that knowledge, then you limit your own ability to connect
others with God’s truth.
As person called to ministry, much of your task is
pointing people to where they can find truth and answers for their life. The
more you understand scripture, the more you will be able to help people.

As you grow and mature spiritually, you will become an increasing threat to
the enemy. You will face trials and temptations. Knowing your Bible and
knowing how to find the answers to difficult questions in the Bible even when no
one is available to help you, will help you to defend yourself against the

It may be the thought of studying your Bible is intimidating to you. Maybe
studying in general is not your thing. That’s okay. The act of studying itself
is not the focus of this discipline. You don’t study just to say that you
studied. Instead, you must learn to look at Bible study as a means of getting to
know the God you love in an even more intimate way. God can create in you the
desire to study His Word.
As a matter of fact, He can teach you to love it.
All you have to do is ask…over and over again, if necessary (Philippians 2:12-13).

Don’t know how to study the Bible on your own? Good news. The last three
weeks of this Bible study are designed to teach you how to study the Bible for

Take a few moments and write your thoughts, concerns, and questions in your
journal about Psalm 119. Allow the following
thought suggestions to guide you.

As you read Psalm 119, could you identify
with David? Have you ever felt the way that he felt? Explain. If not, what would
it take to change the way you feel about God’s Word and studying it?

From what source do you get most of your Bible knowledge? Does that need to
change? Why or why not?

Do you truly study your Bible? Why or why not?

What is God teaching you today?