The Discovery



Jeremiah 3

Study your Bible the same way you did yesterday. Record your
thoughts in your journal.

Here are some other study techniques to help you better understand the
scripture you read: Try two of them.

1. Read the margins/footnotes. If you have a study Bible (a Bible that
has notes and study helps), you may find some of the scripture that you read is
explained either in the margins or footnotes (at the bottom of the page).

2. Cross-reference. Some Bibles provide cross-references for the
passage you are reading. Cross-references are suggested verses for additional
reading. For example, if you are reading a quote from Paul, you may read a
“cross-reference” for another verse that sounds like or has the same topic as
the verse you are reading. Cross-reference Bibles mark their notes in different
ways. Typically there is a number or a letter near a verse and that number or
letter matches the same symbol somewhere else on the page where the
cross-reference verse is marked. You can check the front of your Bible to see if
cross-references are included in your Bible. If so, practice using them .

3. Use your concordance. Many Bibles have concordances, reference
sections where you can look up key words and find a list of verses dealing with
that subject. Reading those verses may give you additional insight into what you
are reading.

4. Read the same passage of scripture in another translation or
Different versions of the Bible (i.e. Holman Christian Standard
Bible, King James, New American Standard, New International Version,
Contemporary English Version, The Message, etc.) use different words to express
the same message. Reading several versions of the same scripture may help you
think about the scripture that you read in a different way.

Journal any questions that your Bible study raises.

Using previous Bible studies as a guide, meditate on Jeremiah 3. Record your thoughts in your

Circle key words. Spend time listening to the Holy Spirit and record your
thoughts in your journal.

Evaluate your Bible study today. Review previous Bible
studies to remind yourself of ideas for evaluation.

Spend some time in open, honest prayer.

Title your Bible study.