The Discovery



If you have not already noticed, there will be fewer and fewer instructions
and plans for your study over the next two weeks. You have all the basic skills
for Bible study from the previous eight weeks, it is time that you put them into
practice. For the next two weeks you will be studying the book of Jeremiah. It
would be a really good idea to find out some information about the time period,
author and recipients of this book. Jeremiah is important to you because it is a
picture of a faithful servant that lived in a time when not many people followed
God. Jeremiah had many great blessings from God, but also many difficulties with
some of the people around him. As you read Jeremiah, learn all you can about
what God requires of those called to ministry and what it means to follow God in
your calling.

Pray this simple request: “God teach me today more about you and how I can
follow you.”

Jeremiah 1

Read carefully, listening to the Holy Spirit.

Highlight and/or underline your Bible. Write questions that
you may have in your journal.

Spend time listening to the Holy Spirit. Record what you

You can learn from continuing to journal that you have
experiences, victories, and struggles like Jeremiah. Spend some time looking
back over your journal from the past week. What do you see happening in your
spiritual life?

What does God seem to be teaching you? What other patterns, trends, etc. do
you notice?

Spend some time in open, honest prayer with God, talking with
Him, responding to Him, and loving Him.

Title your Bible study.